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Dr. Belknap with his buddy Annie

Northwest Veterinary Surgical Services LLC

Dr. Belknap is a board-certified veterinary surgeon that performs small animal surgery ranging from orthopedic procedures to soft tissue surgery.

Serving the pets of Washington and Oregon, we go above and beyond for our patients to ensure the best possible experience.

Dr. Belknap performs most surgeries at Willapa Veterinary Service, a full-service veterinary hospital in Raymond, WA. We have partnered with them for your pet’s care.

Surgical Services in Raymond, WA

Our mission is to provide the best possible outcome for owners and their pets through honest communication with owners (and their veterinarians) before surgery, excellent perioperative and surgical care of the pet while in the hospital, and continued communication postoperatively until the pet has fully recovered.


Pet Orthopedic Surgeries

especially TPLO’s, MPL’s, and fractures


Pet Soft Tissue Surgeries

including abdominal, upper respiratory, tumors, etc


Pet Osteoarthritis Cases

especially in geriatric and younger athletic animals

About Northwest Veterinary Surgical Services

At Northwest Veterinary Surgical Services, we want to do the right thing for each owner and their pet-that may not include the most advanced surgical option either due to financial concerns of the owner or possibly the age of the pet. We will give multiple options if we feel there is more than one good option. We will do our best to get your pet’s surgery performed in a timely manner and will also be available by phone and email during the recovery period to answer your questions and concerns.

“I can’t say enough about my great experience with Dr. Belknap and staff. Dr. Belknap has been so compassionate and honest, he truly has the best interest at heart of the animals and their families. My five year old yorkie had to undergo a very extensive leg surgery which was a success. He was available after hours to answer any questions I had and constantly checked on Bailey throughout her healing process. Even though we traveled over an hour every few weeks to see Dr. Belknap for Bailey’s care, all the travel was worth the great experience we had!”

- Jessica P.

Meet Dr. Jim K Belknap

Dr. Belknap received his DVM (and a PhD) from Colorado State University, performed an internship at University of Georgia, and a surgical residency at Michigan State University. He practiced as a referral surgeon and trained veterinary students and surgery residents at the veterinary teaching hospitals at  Auburn University and Ohio State University; he started as an equine surgeon before transitioning to a small animal surgeon. Dr. Belknap feels very lucky to be in a profession where he has fun every day both performing surgeries on dogs and cats and working with the owners and their veterinarians.

Dr. Belknap worked at a practice in Redmond, Washington many decades ago when he finished his surgical residency and absolutely loved it out here and always wanted to come back. Although he and his wife had wonderful jobs at the veterinary and human medical hospitals at Ohio State University, he talked her into moving out here! He gets to be a Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Surgery at Ohio State University and enjoys a career as a veterinary surgeon on the coast of Washington.

During his spare time, Dr. Belknap enjoys fishing. He and his wife also like taking their dog Annie on walks on the beach most evenings.