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“Our dog Rosie needed a major oral surgery to remove a large tumor. After visiting a few vets we found Dr. Belknap to not only be more affordable but also much more attentive. He did a great job explaining what needed to be done and how he would go about it. He also answered all of our questions. After the surgery he followed up multiple times to checked on how Rosie was doing and how her mouth was healing. Rosie healed quickly and we are thrilled with the results. Dr. Belknap genuinely cares about his patients and we are so happy to have found him. We would highly recommend him to anyone who’s in need of a surgery or any other veterinary care for their furry friend!”

Presenting complaint: Extensive epulis affecting maxillary region of mouth; non-responsive to local resection

Surgery: Rostral maxillectomy

Sarah G.

Rosie, 5 years Great Dane

“If you need high quality surgery for your pet, at a reasonable price, go to Dr. Belknap at Willapa Veterinary Services in Raymond. Dr. Belknap has an impressive resume, undertaking surgical work, teaching and research, but more importantly, he truly cares about his patients and their owners. One of our dogs required extensive orthopedic surgery to fix a deformed leg. Prior to the surgery, we received thorough advice on the costs, risks, benefits, and required after care, all to help us in our decision to proceed, or not. We did proceed and the results have been tremendous. We received follow-up calls and advice from Dr. Belknap through the recovery period. Our dog is walking normally and appears to be pain free. We highly recommend Willapa Veterinary Services. We know our four pets are in excellent and caring hands there.”

Presenting complaint: rotational and valgus deformity of carpus and elbow incongruity of right forelimb leading to lameness

Surgery: Radial osteotomy with internal fixation and distal ulnar osteotomy for correction of radial deformity; proximal ulnar biplanar osteotomy to correct elbow incongruity

Catherine B. and George S.

Chili, 3 yrs mixed breed

“I can’t say enough about my great experience with Dr. Belknap and staff. Dr. Belknap has been so compassionate and honest, he truly has the best interest at heart of the animals and their families. My five year old yorkie had to undergo a very extensive leg surgery which was a success. He was available after hours to answer any questions I had and constantly checked on Bailey throughout her healing process. Even though we traveled over an hour every few weeks to see Dr. Belknap for Bailey’s care, all the travel was worth the great experience we had!”

Presenting complaint: Grade IV medial patellar luxation with CCL rupture

Surgery: Trochleoplasty, Lateral imbrication with medial patellar release, lateral extracapsular suture

Jessica P.

Bailey, 5 yrs Yorkshire Terrier

“Dr. Belknap and the team at Willapa Vet are the best care you could hope for your pet. When our older dachshund Oscar needed two large, complex growths that covered most of his leg removed, we came to Dr. Belknap for a second opinion after being told that the leg might need amputation. Dr. Belknap was confident he could remove the growths and save our dogs leg, and he did that and more. He completed the surgery on short notice, and even did so without needing to keep Oscar overnight. His many years of experience also meant that he could recognize the kinds of growths and assure us that regrowth was unlikely, easing a lot of anxiety. Oscar is now back to his old self, happily chasing squirrels and destroying squeakers. Willapa Vet cared for our dog like he was their own. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Presenting complaint: Extensive infiltrating tumor affecting majority of the hindlimb

Surgery: Surgical resection with reconstruction of soft tissue on hindlimb

Rachael K.

Oscar, 11yr’s Dachshund

“Max is my 7 year old Shetland Sheepdog with a chronic lameness issue in his right front leg due to being pigeon toed in that leg. Dr. Belknap diagnosed arthritis in the carpal joint and gave me options ranging from joint injections to surgical correction. Although the joint injections gave Max instant relief, Dr. Belknap was not happy with how long the injections were lasting due most likely to the degree of arthritis present. On discussion of other options, it was decided that Max would benefit from having a Pan Carpal Arthrodesis on his right front leg; Dr. Belknap performed this surgery at Willapa Veterinary Clinic on January 11 -2021. Max and I are very grateful that this type of surgery could be performed right here in our home town. Dr. Belknap has a great bedside manner, he took excellent care of Max and kept me informed every step of the way. He took pictures of Max after surgery and sent them to me via text. As a pet owner who absolutely loves her boy I was so worried, but Dr. Belknap keeping me up to date certainly took most of my concerns away. We are very fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon living in our community. Thank You Willapa Veterinary Clinic.”

Presenting complaint: lameness due to osteoarthritis of right carpus-non-responsive to conservative therapy

Surgery: Pancarpal arthrodesis

Joanie R.

Max, 7 years Sheltie

“ I have never been happier about the care and after care for my chocolate lab than I am with Dr. Belknap and Willapa Veterinary Service.

Jackson Browndog is from a line of hunting dogs, and he loves to run. Unfortunately, he developed luxating patella at 10 mos, and tore his cruciating ligament at age 4- same knee.  We had corrective surgeries performed elsewhere for both conditions, however, at age 5-1/2, he blew out his knee again. You could feel the grinding from crepitus. Our normal vet said it was a far too extensive surgery for him, and he made a few calls.

Enter Dr. Belknap and Willapa Veterinary – an hour away. Jackson needed a trochleoplasty and a TPLO surgery. Extensive. Not a budget friendly type of surgery – but necessary, if he was to walk normally again.

Due to the severe arthritic changes present and a bone abnormality present at the site where Dr. Belknap would need to operate, Dr. Belknap discussed that the prognosis was very guarded.  Dr. Belknap said that when he gets in there, if he can’t make Jackson’s knee considerably better, he wouldn’t proceed with the surgery; he wouldn’t put Jackson through that trauma – or charge us, if it wouldn’t help. He would close, and we would discuss plan B options to help him.

Thankfully, he was able to operate, but because of the extensive damage, rehab took longer than originally expected. However, Dr. Belknap was present throughout the entire rehab – and I don’t just mean when we brought him in! I received texts the night we brought him home, and the next three nights, and consistently each week until his next appointment – for every appointment.

Dr. Belknap was so observant that he recognized Jackson was a ‘little off’ when he arrived for his follow up X-ray. Turned out he had a parasite called giardia, so they gave us antibiotics to bring home.

Even though Jackson has healed, Dr. Belknap still checks on Jackson to make sure he’s still doing well.  Jackson is now a very happy boy, and enjoys running and playing with his ‘sisters’.  Dr. Belknap has warned us that there is a possibility he may need yearly joint injections in the future due to the severe arthritis in the joint.

I am so very grateful for Dr. Belknap and everyone at Willapa Veterinary clinic. He told me from the beginning that he would be with us throughout the entire process, and he was. I was so impressed with how much he truly cares about my boy that I bragged about him on my Facebook page.”

Presenting complaint: medial patellar luxation and rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament, severe osteoarthritis

Surgery: trochleoplasty, TPLO, lateral imbrication and medial release of patella/stifle joint

Laura M.

Jackson, 5 yr’s Chocolate Labrador Retriever